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lucky bamboo indoor plant

About 5 Stalks Bamboo

The digit 5 signifies blessings as per the Chinese or Feng Shui beliefs. So, to attract more happiness in life, success in business or professional ventures and harmony at home, a 5 stalks bamboo plant would play an important role.

5 stalk Lucky bamboo placed in a decorative pot. Low maintenance house plant. Natural living feng shui plant. Perfect as a decorative indoor plant and bamboo gifts.


plant height (including pot): 10"-15"; Pot width: 4"

This Plant is potted into the vase with Lava Rock as a medium


Place the plant in bright but indirect light. This plant cannot survive under direct sunlight; it will burn. You may need to periodically rotate the plant so that all sides receive equal light.


Keep the plant within a temperature range of 65℉ and 90℉. Do not place the plant near a heating or cooling vent.


Since we use our Geoponics Lava Rock technology, you only have to water the plant every 2 weeks! This means that this plant is very hard to kill! Also the minerals in the lava rock feed the plant nutrients so that you don't need plant food! 


Non-toxic but don't feed your kids bamboo for dinner


Good Luck 5 stalk Bamboo