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Devil's Ivy (3.5" / 6" / 10")

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(Small 3.5" 6" and 10" Grower pot)

Devil's Ivy benefits

Devil's Ivy is one of the many names of the plant Scindapsus Aureus which we commoners know by the name money plant. These homegrown plants are of Asian origin and you will find them in many homes across the continent. It is said to bring in good luck, money, and prosperity. However, besides that, there are several other benefits of this plant which we shall discuss in detail today.

Why Devil's Ivy is referred to as the money plant?

Many people might think that the name money plant is because the Devil's Ivy brings in money to the owner of the house. That is true to some extent but this plant was originally termed as money plant because its leaves look like a coin which is the general symbol of money across the world. The leaves are unusually thick, dark green and round in appearance.

Common beliefs about Devil's Ivy

People think that one must never share the branches of this plant because it is considered to be equivalent to sharing their prosperity and good luck. It is also believed that one must steal the branches of this plant in order to get instant success and luck from this plant. Some people also believe that if the leaves and the branches of Devil's Ivy grow in a downward direction then the owner may have to face an economic crisis.

Benefits of Devil's Ivy

Practitioners of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra say that growing a money plant increases the positive vibrations in a house. They also see this plant as a source of wealth, good luck or fortune. However, if you do not believe in any of these you can still grow Devil's Ivy as it is scientifically proven to filter the impurities of the air and improves the oxygen levels as well.

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