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Croton Petra

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Small - 3.5" Grower Pot (plant height varies)

Medium - 6" Grower Pot (plant height varies)

Large - 10" Grower Pot (plant height varies)


 Crotons have some of the boldest and brightest foliage around. Often vividly marked with bright yellow, orange, and red, these exotic plants have a reputation for being high-maintenance due to their tropical nature, but once they acclimate to their new home, they’re quite low-care.

    LIGHT Your Croton Petra will do best in a bright spot, as it needs lots of light (if possible 4-6 hrs. Per day) to produce all those colorful leaves! If your croton does not get enough light, you might find the plant grows tall and lanky with spare leaves lacking the rich, dark hues.
    PET FRIENDLY Moderately toxic to pets and humans. Typically, ingestion will cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting.
    AIR CLEANER Yes - removes formaldehyde from air

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