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4” Pink Cryptanthus

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 Cryptanthus bromeliads, more commonly known as Earth Stars due to their shape, are beautiful and incredibly varied plants that naturally grow in tropical areas. There are over 1,200 types of bromeliads within the Cryptanthus genus, with a great variety of foliage. Their colors range from dark green to bright pink to red and can be banded, spotted, solid, or virtually any other pattern.

  • Light: Different Cryptanthus varieties need different levels of light, but most plants within this genus will generally thrive in some sort of indirect sunlight or light shade—remember, they naturally grow under the cover of trees in rainforests. Direct sunlight could potentially bleach the bromeliad’s foliage, or make it appear leathery.

  • Water: Cryptanthus thrive in humid conditions, and you should make efforts to keep them moist. However, most bromeliads are fairly tolerant of droughtconditions. Make sure, however, not to rest them in standing water. A moderately damp environment is moisture enough for these plants.
  • Temperature: These are ideal houseplants: keeping them around 60 to 85 degrees will allow the bromeliads to thrive. However, they are fairly tolerant and many varieties can even survive a winter outside as long as they are not kept below freezing for too long. Though temperate conditions are best, Cryptanthus are fairly forgiving of swings in temperature.

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