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Organic Mint Spearmint

We grow our herbs exclusively from Geoponics. All of our organic products are Certified COR and USDA approved. This means our living produce is not genetically modified and is fully traceable. Herbicides, pesticides and fungicides are not used in our growing process. This is a stringent government certified & inspected process that we follow in order to receive certification.  Click each variety to discover more information. 

Growing your herbs

Growing organic herbs in pots is a great alternative to planting them outdoors. Even if you have space in your garden, you may want to consider growing your herbs in containers. You can bring them inside to overwinter, and you can keep them on hand in or near your kitchen for cooking.

Most herbs need at least six hours of direct sunlight, so make sure you have adequate space near a south-facing window for wintertime. If you don’t, invest in some grow lights to keep them happy.

Make sure not to over fertilize — herbs don’t really need fertilizer, and while it makes the leaves more plentiful, it makes the scented oils more diffuse. In containers, where fertilizer can build up, just skip it.