Love Compass Gift Box


Four preserved roses topped off with premium Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and gift-wrapped for your loved ones.

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4.5in

The Preserved Roses used at Plant Club come from Sincerely Roses lush, vibrant rose fields of Ecuador. Each rose is carefully cultivated until it reaches full bloom. Each rose is treated with a formula made from non-toxic and non-allergenic wax, as well as natural oils. This formula is similar to silica and effectively dehydrates the roses to help preserve them. At the completion of the dehydration process, the roses soak in dye to give them the bright and vibrant colours you’ve come to expect from our gorgeous Preserved Roses. Once the roses are at their peak, they are picked and shipped to our facility in Toronto where our artisans hand-craft special arrangements made just for you!