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3" Lady In Red Ionantha

Air Plants are incredibly low-maintenance plants. They absorb the majority of their nutrients from the air through their leaves, and are perfect for those with less-than-green-thumbs, or are forgetful when it comes to watering.

This little Air Plant is the ideal Tillandsia for terrariums, glass ornaments, Himmeli as well as any shallow cups or bowls. It has layers upon layers of the prettiest silvery-green leaves, and an adorable round shape. It will have the most beautiful violet flowers, and when in bloom the plant will turn a bright red!

Approximate Measurements: W: 2" x H: 2"

☀️ provide bright indirect light (light filtered through a curtain, light bouncing off a wall, etc)

💧 mist 2-3 times a week (make sure water doesn't sit in the middle of your plant  or it will rot.

🌡  temperatures above freezing (though they prefer milder climate)





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