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Plant Club Franchise

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BEGINNER Package Includes:
  • Access to Plant Club B2B account
  • Access to product inventory ($250 wholesale value)
  • Access to personalized support
  • Access to resources
  • No additional or hidden fees

Important note*** Plant Club Franchise is recommended for those looking for support and guidance to help build and grow a plant business. This program includes $250 of wholesale inventory.

The Easy Way to Start a Home-Based Plant Nursery and Make Thousands in Your Spare Time

Do you dream about starting a plant nursery but aren't sure how to start? Are you a plant lover? If you're ready to take your love of plants to the next level and start making money, Plant Club franchise is for you!

Plant Club offers you a profitable plant wholesale business to generate revenue right from the comfort of your home.. In it you'll learn how to maintain your plant inventory, work with the plant club family, find your niche, find places to sell, market your plants, deal with accounting - and most of all, turn your plant hobby into a ready stream of cash, almost overnight.

For those that:
  • Love growing things and want to turn their passion into profit
  • Want to start a plant nursery
  • Desire to know how we launched high-in demand products with minimal investment and high returns
  • Need extra cash and are willing to work for it
  • Wish they had an excuse to fill their home with plants