Assorted Palm Family

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SHIPS WITHIN 2–4 business days SIZE Large - 10" Grower Pot (plant height varies)Medium- 6" Grower Pot (plant height varies)Small - 3.5" Grower Pot (plant height varies) ...

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SHIPS WITHIN 2–4 business days
SIZE Large - 10" Grower Pot (plant height varies)
Medium- 6" Grower Pot (plant height varies)
Small - 3.5" Grower Pot (plant height varies)

Palms are robust, low maintenance, and a classic addition to any plant collection. Though Palms are unmistakably tropical, their elegant fronds will complement any decor. Palms tend to grow slowly, so you don’t need to worry about them outgrowing their spot too quickly

LIGHT Parlor Palms are considered low-light palms, but that doesn’t mean “no-light”. They prefer bright filtered light but will adjust to low light areas.
PET FRIENDLY Completely non-toxic to humans and pets.
AIR CLEANER Yes - removes toxins from air

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They have an amazing selection of plants and the staff are so friendly and helpful. I love all my plants that I've purchased from them and recommend them to all my friends! They also give great advice for things like maintenance which is so helpful for a beginner like me! Can't wait to order more.

Ariba malik

I LOVED all the plants I received and there was so many unique varieties of plants as well! They did an amazing job at packaging the plants and the convenience of having plants delivered to my house is so fun but very helpful!! Here is all the plants I got all beautiful and healthy.

Michelle Joy

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