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Geoponics Story

Geoponics Story - SunriseIndoor air pollution is a growing problem because of our modern lifestyle. Many Canadians spend almost all of their time indoors during majority of the year. Factor in indoor air pollution which can be 10 times more polluted than outdoor air – and you have the perfect environment to promote poor respiratory and skin health.

Since the 1980s, when NASA space scientists demonstrated plants' abilities to purify and revitalize air, plants have become a vital component to "green" building design. Recent research cites houseplants as efficient air purifiers. Like their outdoor counterparts, they change carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Green has a timeless versatility and organic spirit that is unique. Geoponics has created a revolutionary concept which helps spread luck and natural clean air, through life. We have fashioned together a festive and nostalgic celebration of fresh green living which encourages positive connections and promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle of living and giving.

What started out as a means to put bread and butter on the table quickly became a challenge to keep up with demand and interest. Nine years ago Shafi began working with a scientist to develop the ‘Geoponics System’ – which utilizes lava rock instead of soil for potting tropical plants and bamboos. After years of research and testing the Geoponics System was finally ready. The Geoponics System was named the ‘the most efficient’ growing medium for its unique ability to provide a low maintenance system with exemplary plant growth. Following this scientific discovery and creation of the Geoponics System, Shabana applied arabian sand art to create a revolutionary concept catering to attractive contemporary green living.

The Geoponics System

Geoponics is the science of agriculture, redefined. By utilizing minerals from earths core, Geoponics has created a revolutionary innovation in natural living by creating modern air purifiers which foster both style and an eco-friendly ambience, generating a multi-sensual experience.


Arabian Sand Fusion: Skilled artisans use an eclectic array of sand colours to create various sand designs for an exciting and personalized experience.

Canadian Sparkling Gel: Sparkles infused with gel and drenched in water.

North American Mineral Rocks: The heart of Geoponics System. Geoponics minerals are hand  selected from volcanic eruptions at the earth’s core.

Chinese Lucky Bamboo: Geoponics Lucky Bamboos are brought to Canada from tropical  zones around the Eastern continents and hand-selected to induce fresh green living.

Ontario’s Water: Drenched in Geoponics creation, our arrangements thrive in this  deep blue water.

What is lucky bamboo?

Chinese have for centuries associated the bamboo with good fortune, fortitude, and resilience. Ancient Chinese tradition suggests that the number of lucky bamboo stalks have different meanings and bring different beneficial factors into your life.

Why choose Geoponics Gifting Ideas?

Giving Geoponics as a gift fosters good luck, defines relationships and strengthens your bond with family, friends, and associates.

How it's made


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