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Aglaonema Super Maria


Chinese Evergreens or Aglaonema are decorative foliage houseplants that thrive easily in our homes and workplaces. Tolerant of low light conditions and sporadic care they're perfect plants for the beginner but remain equally attractive to experienced hands.



These are perfect plants for your low, medium or bright light locations in your homes. They'll give a splash of greenery and thrive in spots that other houseplants will struggle with. They won't survive in no light conditions though so don't even think about trying it in windowless rooms!



These plants like their soil to be just damp / moist. No sodden soil or allowing it to fully dry out. In Winter and if your plant is in a lower light location it might only need watering once every two weeks. In brighter light locations or if the temperature is very warm watering once or twice a week might be needed.

In ideal cases, you will never see either of the below warning signs because you've been looking after your plant like we'd told you above right? Although on the off chance something might have accidentally gone wrong, these are the signs to look out for and what they mean.