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Monstera, Split Leaf Philodendron (Monstera deliciosa)


Although Monstera is technically not a Philodendron, it shares the same easy-care features. The deeply cut foliage has an artistic, sculptural appeal that adds a decorator-touch to any room. Monstera is native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America where it climbs by aerial roots into the trees. In a container it requires some type of support, such as a trellis or fiber totem. Ultimate height will depend on the size of the support provided.


A spectacular potted plant for large indoor spaces with bright windows. Can also be grown outdoors in a patio planter during the summer and brought indoors for the winter.


Plant Details
Category: Houseplants
Available Colors: Grown for foliage
Bloom Time: Grown for foliage
Height Range: 2-6' (0.6-1.8m)
Space Range: 2-3' (0.6-0.9m)
Lowest Temperature: 50° to 80°F (10° to 27°C)
Plant Light: Bright Light
Companion Plants: Kalanchoe, Somona, Calandiva
USDA Zone: 11-12
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