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Ways to Bring Cottagecore to Life in Your Home

Picture it: you’re adding some freshly-picked flowers into a vase, getting ready to bake your favorite pie, all while Strawberry Blond by Mitski plays in the background. Welcome to cottagecore.

Never heard of cottagecore? It’s the TikTok trend and aesthetic that brings nostalgic vibes about life at home, including baking, sewing and other feel-good vibes.

As we prepare to spend more time at home this fall and winter, cottagecore is something we can embrace with open arms. Read on for our 7 suggested plants and products to help make your home feel cozier than ever.

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

If your home needs an extra taste of the outdoors, we recommend the Fiddle Leaf Fig. The Fiddle’s large leaves make any room feel more lush, and if it’s well cared for, it can grow very tall - in its natural environment, a Fiddle can grow over 40 feet tall.

2. Golden Pothos

There’s something about leafy, trailing plants that makes it feel like spring, no matter what time of year it is. Our fast-growing Golden Pothos, with variegated green and white leaves, is perfect for placing in a hanging planter and creating your very own plant curtain.

3. Prospect Planter

If you need a new home for your plant, the Prospect Planter is it. With a subtle, simple silhouette and availability in muted tones like blush and mint, it is the perfect compliment for floral patterns around your kitchen and living room.

4. Potted Succulent Assortment

The most important space in any cottagecore home is the kitchen window. It’s where you look out into the countryside and dream. But, if you’re in the city and not quite near any sprawling fields, add the Potted Succulent Assortment to make your favorite sill a little more whimsical. Plus, the blush and mint shades will match your Prospect Planter.

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